Joshua Holland

Master Trainer

Wellness Institute Certifications


Josh is a very determined individual who has worked hard for his many accomplishments in life. It is this drive that has allowed him to achieve success in a number of industries including fitness, modeling, acting, basketball and martial arts. His easygoing personality makes him a fan favorite and a pleasure to work with individually and in group settings. Josh is very focused on working with you to help you achieve your goals. Josh's vision and goal is to allow you to make the most of your potential and abilities through knowledge, guidance and encouragement. He believes in the statement, "Knowledge is POWER!" Therefore,
he will helpmto educate you about fitness, diet, and a healthy lifestyle. Josh Holland is an accomplished celebrity trainer and certified fitness expert who utilizes his strong knowledge in exercise science, nutrition, and sports to develop proven techniques for his clients. Josh, an Olympic trainer, is a third degree black belt, a former collegiate and professional basketball player, and worked with Tracy Anderson Studios. Josh?s clients include Madonna, and other notable men and women in the worlds of business, fashion and entertainment. He is also the Director of Training at the prestigious CORE: Club in New York.


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