David Vazquez Cooley

Master Trainer

Wellness Institute Certifications


I recently graduated from the University of Houston with a Master’s Degree in Fitness and Human Performance. During the time that I was pursuing this degree, I was the personal assistant of the sports performance coach of the Houston Dynamo Academy and also worked with him in scientific investigations which were later presented and published at the 2012 Annual Meeting the National Center for Human Performance Texas Medical Center. I also worked as soccer coach and in the fitness programs for the players of the Houston Dynamo Academy. I traveled with the teams and oversaw many details of the travel arrangements, individual and team disciple, and accommodations for the players during their stay at tournaments. Therefore, the experience that I acquired in the classroom, gym, fitness lab, and on the field has allowed me to develop the skills needed to work one-on-one with athletes in planning a fitness program and training curriculum
suited to his/her specific needs. I also am highly motivated and believe that I have had great success working in the gyms and training on the field with entire teams of young players. Also, my communication skills, several languages, and ability to relate well to young players have allowed me to fulfill the need for translator at times and as counselor at others. It is also important to mention that the Master’s Degree prepared me not only for the sports arena, but also for the ever- growing need for fitness and training regimes for the ordinary person and for those with health conditions and/or obesity. My training gives me the skills needed to design these fitness programs tailored to individual needs. A unique status that I possess that allows me certain advantages for work and travel in international situations is that I have multi-citizenship – USA, Mexican, and Italian, and I am fluent in three languages.


  • Virgin Active Reggio Emilia

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