Grant Powles

Master Trainer

Wellness Institute Certifications
Certification Released on Where
Arke 03/03/2014 uk
Artis 03/12/2014 uk
Omnia 05/07/2014 uk
Kinesis 05/21/2014 uk
Cardio 05/21/2014 uk
Forza 05/16/2014 uk
Easy line 05/21/2014 uk
Flexability 05/22/2014 uk
Cloud 05/22/2014 uk
Small group training 05/24/2014 uk
Tat 05/23/2014 uk


Grant Powles is the international Senior Master Trainer at Technogym, the Wellness Company. In his role he oversees teaching and education for trainers and fitness professionals across the United Kingdom, as well as supporting Technogym’s global network of Master Trainers. A qualified sports therapist with a background in biomechanics, Grant possesses over 15 years of experience in the health, leisure and well-being industry. He began his career managing a number of gyms & fitness centres across the UK, building his knowledge, reputation and expertise in all aspects of training, member interaction and facility management. After completing his qualifications in sports therapy & instruction, Grant moved into a consultancy role with Technogym, taking responsibility for the education & training of all staff, product development & testing, as well as new
business development. In addition, he was the driving force & primary developer behind Technogym’s trademark Kinesis & Radiant training programmes. In his current role with Technogym Grant is responsible for providing consultancy and bespoke training programmes for health club operators, companies, clinics and individual clients, incorporating all aspects of health and well-being including fitness, education, rehabilitation, nutrition and psychology. Grant is also a personal trainer to celebrities, business leaders, high net worth individuals and models, building clients’ training plans around their personal goals and lifestyles to help them achieve their fullest potential. Grant holds multiple diplomas spanning all aspects of health and leisure. He is a qualified teacher & lecturer, and has been a Technogym Senior Master Trainer for the past 10 years.


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