Jabbour Rana

Master Trainer

Wellness Institute Certifications


I value the balance that is required to achieve a healthy body and mind as part of an overall wellness lifestyle. My trainers (15 very bright and dedicated men and women) and I remind ourselves daily that we built our wellness business by determination, fueled it by motivation, and maintained it by commitment so that each one of our clients obtain results and achieve their goals. When I first moved from the United States to Lebanon, my goal was to open a personal training studio to
help build a mind-body connection that will achieve a better and healthier society. I now have a chain of studios in Lebanon with hopes to grow in the region in 2011-2012 called Contours, Pilates|Kinesis Studio and Contours, The Wellness Clinic. I also work as a wellness consultant as well as a Technogym Master Trainer. Some of the projects I worked on include a very high end spa gym, a Boot Camp resort and am now working on developing a wellness facility for a high end hotel.


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