Ken Van Den Eeden

Master Trainer

Wellness Institute Certifications


If you experience the joy of movement, life is one long weekend. * CHEK Practitioner 1 * Crossfit level 1 instructor * Fitness Master (AALO) * Ultimate 6 Therapy Coach * Fitness instructor B * Medical trainingtherapy (MTT) * Scientific back training (C.H.E.K Institute) * Scientific CORE conditioning (C.H.E.K Institute) * Program designing (C.H.E.K Institute) * Advanced program designing (C.H.E.K Institute) * Dynamic medicine ball training (C.H.E.K Institute) * Advanced swissball rehabilitation
(C.H.E.K Institute) * Equal but not the same (krachttraining voor vrouwen) (C.H.E.K Institute) * Workshop kettlebell training (DKA) * Spinning instructor Schwinn * Master in clubmanagment (SL!M 2008) * MTT -screening for topsport (2007) * Workshop strength- and stabilitytraining (Wilfried Sip) Sports 10 years triathlon experience: National champion 1/2 distance (2005) Mountainbike: 3th place world class marathon Offenburg (2007) Finisher jeantex bike transalp (2007)


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